@NastyC_SA - Juice Back (Remix) (feat. @iam_Davido and @CassperNyovest) [Prod. @GeminiMajor]

Nasty C's Verse

The boy done came from ALL sides fam. ALL sides. Like Scoop would say - "Hayi Ngeke. Ngeke Sbali."
Peep the kid's verse below. 
" Bow down to Davido & bow down to Cassper. I heard em say "Stars are aligned" but they both had their time and they know that in tryna surpass them. 
Fred Murc' told you "your favorite rappers have heard of me" but most of these niggas won't get a verse from me 
I feel bad for being the one to school these niggas when my friends are tryna get in a University 
But still I made em Fall like the fees did. Feeling like I'm talking to my daughters and nieces. 
One of the industry niggas called me this evening. And told me to keep my head above the water and breathin. 
And he wasn't too happy about who I got on the remix. B, he was on the remix before he got on the remix 
He replied to the emails before I got on the frequencies. 
So I plotted the pieces before he had all the enemies, man. 
I need alotta head again. My mind's getting heavy. Even I wasn't ready 
Man, my come up was a RUN up, look at all the things I did. It started with a mixtape that I dropped in February 
I'm too scared to even tell you what's next. 
I'm handpicking women out the general section. 
But I don't save em, nooo. Ain't got no S on my chest. 
I got a triple styrofoam with a medical mess.

All my enemies are amateurs. My role model broke his character 
All my Xs wrote me letters bruh.& I was chillin with Scoop the other day, if you knew what he had to say about you, you wldnt be rappin bruh

Davido gon have to take this back to Naija for me. 
I don't have to tell you what your favorite rapper is hiding from. 
I keep the weed stashed in a different kinda luggage. Then tell my guy to tip pilot for me. I got the Juice

Download: Nasty C - Juice Bag (Remix) (feat. DaVido & Casper Nyovest)

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